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For lifelong learning

Lore is your one stop shop to build in-demand skills. Choose from 100,000+ learning options across 1000+ different providers.

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For building talent

Improve employee engagement, build a learning culture, and prepare to scale with LoreForTeams, our Learning eXperience Platform (LXP). This unique, easy-to-use solution can help your leaders discover and organize learning resources in a meaningful manner, so quality content reaches your team at the right time and in the right format.

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Education Consultants

For MBA program recommendations

Education is a source of empowerment and that attending the best school, college or professional program means attending the one that is best for you. Our AI-based platform allows education consultants to recommend MBA programs with confidence and enables applicants to understand their chances at success.

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Our story

Our team includes teachers, consultants, bankers, technologists, consumer goods specialists, media executives, designers, developers, project managers, HR specialists and a whole host of other backgrounds. While we have sprouted from the Indian subcontinent, our perspective is global, integrated and holistic. We leverage our deep experience and vast network to inspire learners to identify robust options for personal and professional development.

While working as education and career consultants, we found that individuals were increasingly seeking insights into non-traditional learning and skill building options. Using our expertise in advising students and young professionals, and combined years of experience in building consumer-focused technology products, we are developing tech-enabled tools to help people identify best fit learning options, regardless of mode of delivery.

And finally, to create impact at scale, our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) LoreForTeams offers a functionality layer that helps organisations with their “people” goals, be it hiring, onboarding or functional training. LoreForTeams improves the employee engagement experience by making it easy for CXOs to identify, address and monitor employees development needs and goals.

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