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at the intersection of
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Caymus is a global group of entrepreneurs passionate about the power of education. Our vision is to empower everyone to embrace and pursue lifelong learning. By improving access to information that enables smart decision-making, we help individuals build skills and challenge their own status quo.
Our team includes teachers, consultants, bankers, technologists, project managers, consumer goods specialists, media executives, designers, developers and a whole host of other professional backgrounds.
While we have sprouted from the Indian subcontinent, our perspective is global, integrated and holistic. We leverage our deep experience and vast network to inspire learners to identify robust options for personal and professional development.


About LORE

Explore your career options or personal interests and build the skills you need to confidently pursue them. By melding personal information with data and insight, Lore can help you become the best version of yourself, one step at a time.

About Thunderbird

Patent pending, machine-learning based platform that allows industry professionals to recommend universities with confidence and enables applicants to understand their chances at success.

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without
knowledge and skill.
- Wilbur Wright



Dr.Kimberly Dixit

CEO & Co-founder,

The Red Pen

"Thunderbird's AI-enabled recommendation system has reduced the time required to suggest good fit programs, enabling consultants to focus on other value-added activities. "

Sarish Kasat

Director, Business Strategy and

Development, Admissionado

"Using Thunderbird, we can better match applicant qualitative attributes to school philosophy and approach."